Nanaimo Hall - Penticton, British Columbia - Acrylic Mural Paint on stucco 108ft. long x 30 feet high at the peak

A mural commissioned by the City of Penticton. The building was built in the 1920’s for a badminton club, and the theme for the mural is the history of the building. In the center of the composition is a cut-away view of the interior of the building with some badminton players in 20’s costumes. Presently the building is used by the Penticton Pipe Band, and the Army and Airforce cadets. Band members are seen on the left of the cut-away area, and cadets on the right. Even though the figures are 14 feet tall, they looked small on this large wall, so I painted a landscape around the edges of the building that mimics the actual landscape of the area including an extension of the building on the left and the streetscape on the right.

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